We create photos, virtual tours and videos for the hotels and hospitality industry.


We work together:



Virtual Tour is an innovative way of presenting visual information, which allows you to get away from the static two-dimensional presentation and to create the illusion of presence, as well as to accurately present your hotel's amenities, facilities and rooms.

To create a virtual tour we take 8 individual HD shots. We send these images to our studio where our team of designers create the final virtual tours.

We offer a complete service of the creating of virtual tours from the analysis of necessary points and hotel preparation for the shooting to creating a virtual tour page ideal fitting to your website.

Our services include:

  • Planning, detection of required shooting points
  • Recommendations for preparing the hotel for the shooting
  • Travel costs to and from your hotel
  • Shooting
  • Post-production, color correction
  • Creating a virtual tour webpage (individual design)
  • Full-screen version
  • Posting on the Internet and free hosting
  • License for content using
  • Electronic Delivery / DVD
  • After-sales service and support
We promise reliability and consistency at all stages.

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